Grant Writing

Consultation – Let’s talk grants! Those deadlines are always just around the corner. Book a consultation for some extra help, or help getting started! Get an overview of the various granting/investment bodies available in Canada. I will help direct you and your project(s) in the right direction. 

Editing – Looking for an extra set of eyes for your grant drafts?! Or getting really stuck on a certain section of your grant? I am here for you. I will offer suggestions for areas that could be clarified and/or streamlined. This work will occur in a shared Google doc. If the editing is more than a one-hour session, I will be in touch with you. Please leave at least 7 days between the editing session and the grant deadline. The earlier you get in touch, the more opportunity for editing, tweaking, and polishing your grant!

Let’s Work Together


Score Consultation

Composers, let’s talk about scores! Book a session to discuss intuitive vocal writing, engraving, and balance — or any other specific questions you might have. You’ll have the option to receive recorded samples for workshopping purposes (samples are dependent on the vocal range of the piece, of course; transposed samples can also be sent for highlighting colours/diction/setting, etc.).

Let’s Work Together