Voice Lessons

Singing lessons (all genres/ages/levels) – Shape technique, talk repertoire, develop practice plans, hone storytelling, explore vocal colours and sounds, clarify lyric diction, complement other vocal work. 

Repertoire not required. 

Individual and group lessons are available. Group sessions can be organized by you (i.e. you establish your group of friends and we do singing classes together).

Lyric diction – French, Spanish, Italian, German, English. 

Voice, breath, body work – This type of work is available for singers and non singers! It can be as simple as wanting to speak more freely for your newly-found longer hours of daily voice use, or as specific as working on texts/scripts. Optional additional materials needed: yoga mat/aerobic ball depending on the type of work you want to do.

Play – This will include vocal improv games and singing a little further outside of the box. Like traditional singing lessons, this is open to any level of singer. It’s all about exploring your instrument and having fun while sound making. No repertoire needed. 

VIP Voice Days – Pop-Up VIP Voice Days (Sign up for my newsletter to receive these notices).

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