Grant Writing

Consultation – Let’s talk grants!  Book a consultation for some extra help, or for help getting started! I can help guide you and your project(s) in the right direction. Our session could include brainstorming, an overview of granting/investment bodies available in Canada*, co-working through a particular section of a grant application, and follow-up notes.


Editing – Looking for an extra set of eyes for your grant drafts?! Or getting really stuck on a certain section of your grant? I am here for you. I can offer options for areas that could be clarified and/or streamlined by reviewing your materials with you.

This editing work can occur in a shared Google doc. When you book your session you’ll be prompted on what to include in this doc (you’ll see this prompt for info before you finalize your booking). If the editing is more than a one-hour session, I will be in touch with you. 

Please leave at least 7 days between the editing session and the grant deadline. The earlier you get in touch, the more opportunity for editing, tweaking, and polishing your grant!


Grant Writing/Consulting – Multi-Session

2 and 3 week options

The multi-session option is designed to support someone through a longer portion of their grant writing than that of a single consultation or editing session.

When you book this option, schedule your first hour and we’ll meet on Zoom. We will schedule subsequent sessions via email.

This option includes regular communication via email/google docs/text/voice notes for the 2 or 3-week period. The start of the 2 or 3-week period is the date of our first session. And the method of our back-and-forth communication is determined at our first session.

E-transfer and payment plans available. Please be in touch.


*As a Canadian artist, my experience is in my home country. I am happy to work with you on your projects and proposals if you’re outside of Canada as well!



If you’re also applying for similar grants, is this a conflict? 

Most grants have a publicly stated evaluation rubric that looks at artistic merit, project feasibility, and various levels of impact. In grant writing consultations I’m not helping you practice your art form, nor am I coming up with your project ideas. I’m here to help you clarify your ideas for the assessment committee through clear communication. Your beautiful art speaks for itself. 

If, for any reason at all, I feel I cannot serve you at my full capacity, I will contact you and cancel the booked session. Please know that my philosophy is that there is room for all of us to apply, and for all of our art to be made. I will give you my honest and professional feedback no matter what.


Can I hire you to write my grant?

The reason I call these sessions consultations is because I view these sessions as collaborative work. I can help you figure out which grant to apply for based on your project, I can help you edit your writing, and I can help you package the grant for submission. But the content–i.e. the logistical information, the context of the work, and the impact on you and your communities–comes from you.

Rather than hiring me as a grant writer as a means to delegate the task to another person, you’d be getting support from me through the various steps of your grant(s). 

Sometimes if you’ve been working with someone for a very long time and they know you and your work intimately, they can write an application for you without much collaboration, but this situation is rare. Please be in touch if you want to chat about this further, and to figure out how I can support your grant writing process. 



I am not an employee of any granting or investment organization in Canada. I have served on peer assessment committees. And I have submitted countless applications for my own projects. If I were ever to be asked to be on a peer assessment committee and your grant was part of that group, I would give the grant agency my conflict of interest and I wouldn’t be a part of evaluating your application. 


I cannot guarantee results (although my track record for those who I’ve worked with is very high).  Grants are evaluated by peer assessment committees and those committees and juries change with each application round. I will never be able to predict how a jury member might  internalize your application. 


Let’s Work Together


Score Consultation

Composers and songwriters, let’s talk about scores! Book a session to discuss intuitive vocal writing, engraving, and balance — or any other specific questions you might have. You’ll have the option to receive recorded samples for workshopping purposes (samples are dependent on the vocal range of the piece, of course; transposed samples can also be sent for highlighting colours/diction/lyric & poetry setting, etc.).

Let’s Work Together


A bit of background:

I have received grants from The Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council, Arts Nova Scotia, SOCAN Foundation, Music Nova Scotia, and FACTOR. I am the co-founder of an indie opera company, Essential Opera which Erin Bardua and I founded in 2010. My contemporary Western classical concert series, Crossing Borders, was founded in 2014 and features music by living Canadian composers. As a recording artist I have released two full-length albums, am featured on another, and have released several opera shorts, as well as EPs. You can see those recordings on my Music page.

My commissioning history is extensive – through Essential Opera and Crossing Borders I have commissioned many works. Please visit Crossing Borders on my website to read more.