Workshops / masterclasses / group classes / festival adjudication

I love working with groups of people. I love the shared experiences of workshops, masterclasses, group classes, and music festivals. 

I am particularly passionate about these topics:

  • Discovering how the voice works 
  • Using play and exploration to find freedom in the voice and body
  • Singing in different styles
  • Caring for the voice
  • Developing new and fun practice habits
  • Finding your solo voice within a group or an ensemble
  • Mitigating performance anxiety


On the business and admin spectrum, I’m happy to share insights on any of the following topics:

  • Being an artistic director
  • Producing shows/concerts
  • Writing grants and project proposals
  • Curating programs 
  • Balancing arts admin and performance


Please be in touch to discuss what I can offer you and your group. You will be directed to book a free 30-minute chat. From there we can curate exactly what you and your group wants.


A bit of background:

I’ve been enjoying offering online group work a lot these days. Examples of sessions I offer are high school music classes, choirs, as well as voice and acting studios for musical theatre and classical genres.

For 2021, I’m looking forward to adjudicating several online music festivals.


Co-Led Sessions

Alison Taylor and I offer workshops together on a regular basis that focus on the whole singing self — embodied singing. Our co-led voice and movement workshops are built on play and exploration. Together we love to redefine the word “support” and what supported singing means. For past workshop participants, Alison and I offer asynchronous work via the Marco Polo app. More info HERE.



Our next workshop will be March 15, 2021 and will be for teens!

April 16, 2021 “Range of Recuperation: What energy do you need to succeed?” with Alison Taylor  at Melanie Tapson’s The Power of Voice – a virtual voice symposium+



October 2-4: three-day Voice and Movement Immersive with Alison Taylor 

July 22: Voice and Movement Play workshop with Alison Taylor

June 10: Voice and Movement Play workshop with Alison Taylor

May 6: Voice and Movement Play workshop with Alison Taylor

April 10: Voice and Movement Play workshop with Alison Taylor