VIP Voice POP-UP Days are here!

Email me at maureenbattsoprano (at) gmail (dot) com. to book your slot!

*Limited spots available*


WHO: All voice users of any level, including but not limited to singers (all music genres), singing actors, singer-songwriters, classroom teachers, public speakers


WHAT: VIP Voice sessions


WHEN: Tuesday, August 11, 2020 (your time slot TBC)


WHERE: Zoom. Online.


WHY: Because we are our voice. And voice work is our ultimate form of self-care. Whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re a professional voice user, these VIP sessions offer the chance to begin, build, and blossom.  Send me an email, tell me your WHY, and we’ll make it happen.



Q: I’m a singer. Do I need repertoire for our session?

A: No! You can certainly bring some repertoire if you’d like, but there’s no need! We can explore your instrument with or without repertoire, without or without a specific repertoire-based (or non-repertoire-based!) goal.

Q: I’m not a singer. Can I still sign up?

A: Absolutely! Honestly, I stuck those three words on the poster because those are some of the most common professional voice users. But everyone at any level is invited. And no musical experience is necessary.

Q: I’m a classroom teacher and I’d love some pointers on how to manage my voice use for both online and in-classroom teaching (and with masks on) — can we do that?
A: Oh, yes. 100% Teachers, come on over.

Q: I notice that you’re a classical singer; do you only teach classical voice/music?

A: No! Actually most of my clients are not classical musicians! I love helping all singers discover their instrument no matter which musical genre they’re used to hanging out in. Musical theatre, pop, crossover, slam poetry, let’s play!

Q: I’m interested, but I don’t really know; is this for me?

A: Send me a note and let’s chat!





I am here for you for your continued work or to help you explore and play! And you can do this in the comfort of your own home. Please feel free to sign up for any of the following sessions:


Free 15-minute consultation: If you want to discuss which services are the best fit and/or you just want to learn more about a particular service, you can set up a free consultation at any time. Email maureenbattsoprano (at) gmail (dot) com.


Singing lessons (all genres, all ages, all levels) – Online singing lessons. Shape technique, talk repertoire, develop practice plans, hone storytelling, explore vocal colours and sounds. Repertoire not required. Individual and group lessons are available. Group sessions can be organized by you (i.e. you establish your group). Pop-up VIP days beginning in August!


Grant writing consultation – Let’s talk grants! Those deadlines are always just around the corner. Get in touch for some extra help, or help getting started! I do not work for any of the granting agencies. But I do have a lot of experience writing (and getting) grants. I am happy to read drafts, help direct you to the right granting/investment body, or just give you a basic overview of how grants work!


Lyric diction – French, Spanish, Italian, German, English. Extra materials needed: a copy of your texts and songs.


Voice, breath, body work – This type of work is available for singers and non singers! It can be as simple as wanting to speak more freely for your newly-found longer hours of daily voice use, or as specific as working on texts/scripts. Optional additional materials needed: yoga mat/aerobic ball depending on the type of work you want to do.


Play – This will include vocal improv games and singing a little further outside of the box. Like traditional singing lessons, this is open to any level of singer. It’s all about exploring your instrument and having fun while sound making. No repertoire needed. 


Score consultation – Composers, let’s talk about scores! Book a session to discuss intuitive vocal writing, engraving, and balance — or any other specific questions you might have. You’ll have the option to receive recorded samples for workshopping purposes (samples are dependent on the vocal range of the piece, of course; transposed samples can also be sent for highlighting colours/diction/setting, etc.). 


Materials needed for online sessions:

-device such as a phone, tablet, or computer

-good wifi connection

-separate device if playing accompaniment tracks in voice lessons

-area to work with minimal external noise/distractions

-FaceTime, Zoom, or similar platform  (we’ll determine this together and use the same platform)


Make-up – One-on-one or small group make-up sessions. This will take place in the form of an online tutorial, tailored to you and your current products. Whether you want to learn a smokey eye, a super glam look, or want to find a minimalistic routine, I’m here for you! Make-up is a passion of mine and I’d love to share some of that joy with you.


Workshops and VIP Voice POP-UP Days:

Email me at maureenbattsoprano (at) gmail (dot) com for more info.


October 2-4: three-day workshop with Alison Taylor 

August 11: VIP Voice Pop-up Days with Maureen 

July 22: Voice and Movement Play workshop with Alison Taylor

June 10: Voice and Movement Play workshop with Alison Taylor

May 6: Voice and Movement Play workshop with Alison Taylor

April 10: Voice and Movement Play workshop with Alison Taylor