2020 has been a year where most of us have had to stay close to home. For me this has turned into a blessing and has meant I’ve been immersed in Canadian music. What a serious treat. AND?! I’ve been making music (recordings and films) with people I love. 

Of course there have been a lot of ups and downs. But I’ll take the wins where I can get them. 

Here’s a big win right here:

THIS MONDAY, December 21 at 8pm Halifax time, my opera company, Essential Opera, is premièring a work by a very dear friend and brilliant composer, Monica Pearce. Join us online by getting tickets to this 20-minute opera.

Tickets are here: https://www.tickethalifax.com/events/109547610/essential-opera-presents-december-by-monica-pearce




Please head to www.essentialopera.com/december to read all about the amazing team involved in this project!!!


See you soon for some fun loving holiday-spirit-giving opera!!!