Wonderful things have been happening here in Halifax this week.  A new workshop, Opera from Scratch, has brought together 6 singers and 6 composers from across North America. The composers wrote short operas based on a Nova Scotia theme; and, together, we’ve been workshopping the operas morning, noon and night since last Monday.

I have been profoundly inspired by the warm, gaping vulnerability that all the artists and the mentors have embodied. Our experience has been rich as we’ve explored the colours of our characters and stories.  The workshop comes to a close on Sunday, August 26 at 3:00 PM at St. Matthew’s Church in downtown Halifax. I invite you to be a part of these premieres. You will laugh, you will cry,  and you will leave having gone on 6 magnificent journeys (cheaper than a flight, too!!).

I am premiering a short opera by Maritime-born composer Monica Pearce, “Aunt Helen”. It’s a delightful look into the life of Nova Scotia folklorist Helen Creighton (1899-1989).

It’s been a treat. Thank you for having me!

More info on the workshop, the participants and the mentors here: Opera From Scratch