This week I have the pleasure of participating in a workshop called Tapestry New Opera 101. A handful of singers and pianists come together to workshop Canadian opera works taken from the Tapestry Songbook, which spans over 33 years.

I am going to this workshop with pianist Cheryl Duvall. We’ve never worked together, but my colleagues have tried to introduce us a number of times, so I’m thrilled that we’re finally going to be collaborating. She runs a group called Thin Edge New Music Collective. Check it out here.

For this workshop, I’ve been assigned a scene from Nigredo Hotel: ‘I was at your side each day’ and ‘Wisdom’. Nigredo Hotel, written by Nic Gotham (composer) and Ann-Marie MacDonald (librettist) in 1991, has been described as an “operatic thriller” (Christopher Hoile) and “one of the most-produced Canadian operas” (John Terauds). The fact that this work is so intertwined with soprano Patricia O’Callaghan makes it an even more exciting project for me: she’s one of my idols. Go check her out here.

Tickets for this event sell out quickly and seating is limited, so head over to the site and buy your tickets now if you’re planning on coming! Full details over in the SCHEDULE section of my site.