I arrived in Vancouver on June 1 for a week of Contemporary Performance Studies at the Vancouver International Song Institute. Sunday was a quick orientation and rehearsal day. Monday, Tuesday, and today were filled with inspiring workshops, coachings and sessions (I hesitate to call them lectures because they’ve really been interactive discussions). So far I have had the pleasure of working with composers Joseph Glaser and Jeffrey Ryan. I have also had (extremely helpful and insightful!) coaching sessions with Martha Guth, Erika Switzer, and Carla Huhtanen.

Upcoming public masterclasses (for me) are as follows:

Thursday 10 AM – Karl Paulnack (where I’ll be singing Monica Pearce‘s Aunt Helen)

Friday 4 PM – Jake Heggie

Saturday 10 AM – Corey Hamm

Sunday 10 AM – Steven Philcox

Sunday 4 PM Heather Pawsey

Our program-end performance is on Monday night, June 10, 8 PM at Roy Barnett Recital Hall.

I can’t believe it’s already been 4 days!!! Vancouver is beautiful and so is this week’s music!