This International Women’s Day feels different than the ones before it. I hope, for those who haven’t already, today is a chance to reflect on issues concerning gender parity, diversity and inclusivity, intersectionality, and equal pay. 


There is a lot of darkness  and it’s very heavy. Let’s keep working together to LIFT UP and to find a little more light. This is team work. And this is NOT about leaving others in the shadows in order to lift women up. This is about having open hearts and making changes together, so that we can better reflect our local and global communities. I don’t want to apologize anymore for anything that doesn’t deserve an apology. Yet, we are so trained.


Look at the artists around you — specifically those who identify as women, non-binary femmes, and gender-nonconforming.

How can you help lift them up? 


Here are ways that people lift me up (and for those who do this on the regular, THANK YOU):


-listening to my music (in person or via my album and/or Youtube)

-buying my music (my album or tickets to shows)

-supporting the groups/series that I run or co-run (Essential Opera, Crossing Borders Recital Series, Diva Station)

-encouraging me to be unapologetic (about literally everything–it’s so very ingrained in us!)

-HIRING ME (in various capacities)

-giving me a written review or testimonial (via email or on my FB artist page profile)

-calling out/in (in a proactive and constructive way) those who are being detrimental towards me or other women-identifying artists


I do not subscribe to the Starving Artist mentality. The art that I make is my livelihood. And while I firmly recognize the privileges that I do have, I can wholeheartedly confirm that my industry is still struggling to find balance around gender issues. 


Don’t know where to start? Reach out to a woman you know – she’ll have loads of ideas, I promise.